Preschool Biology (grades Pre-K-Kindergarten)

The Garden Mural Project

Elementary Biology (grades 1-4)
Middle School Biology (grades 5-8)
High School Biology (grades 9-12)

What Do Your Students Need to Know Before High School: Biology
Introduction to Biology
Biology Classification: Pasta Dichotomous KeyYeast and Making Bread
The Fragility of an Enzyme
Osmosis and Diffusion, what is the difference?
How Does Smell Affect Taste?
Kingdom Monera
Kingdom Protista
Kingdom Fungi
Kingdom Anamalia


Density, Buoyancy and Fish

Cnidarians: Jellyfish
Cephalopods: Squid and Octopus
Phylum Mollusca
Butterfly Metamorphosis
Kingdom Plantae

Human Biology
Parts of the Brain model
DNA models
Strawberry DNA Extraction
Plant Cell model
Animal Cell model
The Environmental Factor in Genetics and Its Effect on Radish Leaf Color
Easter Egg and M & M's Genetics
Using Anatomy Models

Nature Study
36: A Study of the Fish
206: Bacteria
47: Frogs
49: Garter or Garden Snake
61: Raccoon
65: The Goat
67: The Horse
90: The Firefly
103: Dragonflies
107: Earthworms
129 The Water Lily and The Lotus
148: Queen Anne's Lace or Wild Carrot
170: The Strawberry
184: Apples
198: Mushrooms
209: Granite and other Igneous Rocks
212: Salt
232: Venus Fly Trap

Physics/Physical Science
Preschool Physical Science (grades Pre-K-Kindergarten)
Elementary Physical Science (grades 1-4)
Middle School Physical Science (grades 5-8)
High School Physics (grades 9-12)
What Your Students Need to Know Before High School: Physics
Newton's Laws
The Coanda Effect
Investigation the 4 Forces of Flight
Archimedes Fun
Dry Ice Investigations
Air Pressure and the Mass of Air
Air Pressure Demonstrations
Voltaic Pile
The Medium Though Which Sound Waves Travel
Seeing the Effect of Changing Temperatures
Layers of Atmosphere
The Water Cycle
How the Sun, Moon and Earth Work Together

Astronauts and Space
Training for Rendezvous and DockingThe Impact of Meteors
Liquids in Space
Oceans of Oobleck
3-D Cloud Chart
Earth Science
Salt Lapbook
Homemade Geodes
Thunder Egg
Electricity and Magnetism
Sound and Light
Cloud in a Bottle

Preschool Chemistry (grades Pre-K-Kindergarten)
Elementary Chemistry (grades 1-4)
Middle School Chemistry (grades 5-8)
High School Chemistry (grades 9-12)
What Do Your Students Need to Know Before High School: Chemistry
Chemical Reactions
Atom models
Atoms, Part I
Atoms, Part II
Atoms, Part III
Ionic and Covalent Bonds
Molecular Geometry
Comparing Solid Water to Solid Butter
The Polarity of Water
Milk Colors
Glowing Beverage Fun
Which Reacts More with Mentos...Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?
Disappearing Eggshell
Gelatin Disks
The Effect of Temperature on Solubility
Cross-linking Polymers
Separating a Mixture
Different Sizes of Molecules
Making Things Un-Mix: Chromotography
Acids and Bases
Physical Change vs. Chemical Change
Salt Lapbook
The Chemical Composition of Water
Synthesis of H20
Testing Food for Starch
Science Explorations in General
Dancing Raisins

Part I: The Beginning
Part II: The Tape Lift (fiber, hair and plant analysis)
Part III: The Ransom Note (chromotography)
Part IV: The Contents of Mr. Body's Glass (pH analysis)
Part V: Fingerprints from the Glass
Putting it All Together
Science Mystery Hall of Fame
The Zoo Curator and other Jobs at the Zoo

The Secret to Science Fair Success

Ocean Currents
Part I: Surface Currents
Part II: Salinity Currents
Part III: Temperature Currents
High School Health Class: First Aid

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