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Science Mystery, Part II: What Tape Lift Reveals

The police investigators collected material from the carpet by tape lift. The next pages in your folder include photographs of the microscope analysis of the materials in the carpet. By determining what was found, you may have more clues to solve the mystery of who kidnapped Mr. Body and stole his painting.

Hair or Grass? (photo from CSIRO)

Click here to see how we determined what fibers the first sample were
and whether the second sample was dog hair or grass.

Don't forget to write the clues on your worksheet.
If you would like to do the experiments next week yourself, we will be working with chromotography. You will need some white coffee filters or thick paper towels, like Viva, some pencils or straws, tape and an assortment of ink pens and markers with brown ink. A set of food coloring would be nice to play around with as well.
If you are just following along with us completing the experiments, you don't need anything.

When you are ready to go on to Part III, click here.


  1. Anonymous6.11.10

    Oh We are really enjoying this science mystery. I am just reading it to the kids and they are loving it. Thank you so for posting it. You have such fun science at your place.

  2. This is very cool - for now I'm just following along - but laater this winter, when total boredom sets in, I'll be pulling this out for the kids!

  3. Phyllis,
    We are starting this next week! I am so excited. Thanks for posting all the info!

  4. So very very much fun!

  5. This sounds like so much fun! I know my boys would love this. . . if we ever get a microscope, that is. Love the mystery aspect of it ~ great job!

  6. We used this link to help ID the strands, too:


    and if you don't have a microscope of your own. You could slice an onion and then show part of this video to explain:



  7. Michelle -You don't need a microscope for this mystery! I will just direct you to websites to look at.


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