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Nature Study Lesson 212: Salt

"Salt dissolves in water, and as the water evaporates the salt appears in beautiful crystals."- Handbook of Nature Study, p. 753

"Let each pupil take 5 tablespoons of water and add to this about 2 tablespoons of salt, stirring the mixture until it is dissolved. When the water will take no more salt, let each pupil...lay (a square of paper in the saucer, pressing it down beneath the surface...."
-HNS, p752

"'Saturated solution' is an uninspiring term to one not chemically trained; and yet it merely means water which holds as much as it can take of the dissolved substance." -HNS, p753

We have done this activity before, and these are the crystals we got within a week.
but I thought I would have them do it again and compare the salt crystals.
We did two dishes this time. One we kept inside, which took about a week to appear. These crystals were smaller than our sample last time.The other set-up was put in a sunny spot outside which only took a few days for the water to evaporate, leaving large crystals behind. This is the opposite of what we expected since the longer the crystals take to form, the larger they are supposed to be.
There must be some other factors affecting this experiment.
Any ideas?


  1. I like alum, because the crystals form faster. But then, sugar is always nice, too - though I've had really bad luck with rock candy this year.

  2. Funny, Leah, but I had trouble with alum, but not salt! Perhaps it's the climate differences?

  3. Great crystals! Love it! Too moist here to get the experiment to go through. Maybe if I borrow a dehydrator, or put it next to our room dehydrator. Drat. Now I'm thinkin' of more to do . . . . .

  4. Gorgeous crystals! What a great idea to compare studies. We are going to have to do this sometime.

  5. We are thinking about doing this with other things to see how the crystals compare. Found this:

    I will post when we are finished. Thanks for sharing your link with the current challenge.


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