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Nature Study Lesson 61: Mammals-Raccoon

Nature notebooks with sketches of the raccoon from photos and tracks.
"None other of our little brothers of the forest has such a mischievous countenance as the coon. The black patch across the face and surrounding the eyes like large goggles, and the black line extending from the long, inquisitive nose directly up the forehead give the coon's face an anxious expression; and the keenness of the big, beady, black eyes and the alert, "sassy" looking , broadly triangular ears, convince one that the anxiety depicted in the face is anxiety lest something that should not be done be left undone; and I am sure that anyone who has had experience with pet coons will aver that their acts do not belie their looks." Handbook of Nature Study, pages 247-148

We followed Barb's suggestions and I read pages 247-250 in the Handbook of Nature Study about the raccoon. At night we read story #31 in The Burgess Animal Book for Children and looked at the illustration on page 206. 
We found raccoon tracks in the mud.
photos May 2011


  1. Terrific tracks! Their little "handprints" are so cute - as long as they're not near the garbage can :)

  2. Great images of the raccoon tracks! They are ones that I can easily identify...cute little hand prints except when they are busy getting into things on our back deck.

    Loved seeing your entry!


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