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Investigating The 4 Forces of Flight and Our Homeschool Weekly Report, November 1-7, week 10

Investigating the 4 Forces of Flight

They have lots of hands-on displays, and...
they did lots of simple physics experiments that could be duplicated at home. 
They had two books set up with a piece of paper as sort of like a bridge. They gave them straws to blow air into the space under the "bridge."
The paper bowed downward, instead of upwards as some might think, because the additional air created a higher pressure underneath than the air above.

They were given two parachute guys, one wrapped up and one with the parachute opened.
They had to guess which one would land first, and why, which illustrates the power of air resistance.
They did a demonstration that shows the principal of inertia, or the concept that things at rest want to stay at rest. They rested an index card on a cup and then put a stack of coins on top.
When the card is taken away, the coins, that want to stay at rest, slip into the cup instead of going with the card.
To demonstrate the power of air pressure, they blew up balloons in the cup...
and when the cup was lifted with the balloon still in it, the pressure was able to lift the cup with the balloon.
This demonstration shows the principle of conservation of momentum. Several marbles are put on a ruler, which has been taped down.
When one of the marbles is rolled into the row of marbles, one marble on the end will roll off down the ruler.
When more than two marbles are rolled into the roll of marbles, two of the marbles on the other end will roll off, and so forth.
This always reminds me of the Newton's Cradle toy.
They also learned a lot about the history of aviation and the evolution of the Wright brother's flyers and other early planes.

week 10

Ancient History and English Grammar

Quentin's (age 9) notebook page
All these physics activities fit perfectly with our study of Neo-Babylonia. We reviewed simple machines in context of the Hanging Gardens. We read about Jewish Babylonian captivity. After reading about Neo-Babylonia, we created a paragraph of narration together and I typed up. After the boys created their notebook pages on it, we completed a lesson on subjects and predicates of sentences. I had them circle the simple subject and underline the simple predicate. We discussed what other words in the sentences could be part of the whole subject and what words would be part of the whole predicate. Next week they will have to locate the complete subjects and predicates.

Ancient Mesopotamia: The Epic of Gilgamesh

 Sam begin reading The Epic of Gilgameshthe oldest story in the world. He applied the skills he has been learning in How To Read a Book.

Geography: Southern Africa

We learned about Botswana and the Kalahari Desert. We watched a You-Tube clip on Tswana music and dancing.

Coordinate Graphing and Negative Numbers

James learned about how negative numbers are useful when constructing coordinate graphs, and how they allow students to project their linear graphs as far as they wish, and then speculate on the meaning of all points on the line. 

"Mathematics is more than performing basic arithmetic operations, but is a way of thinking. Negative numbers are a tool they can use to expand their thinking." -Bob Baratta-Lorton
Quentin solved some multiplication problems.
Alex worked with quadrilaterals.

Fine Arts Co-op

 Art Class
They are working on a chalk pastel of a swan on a lake.
 Nature Study Class
They looked at animals in winter.
Drama Class
They are rehearsing their scenes.

Homeschool Roller Skating

What else did we do this week?

My birthday was this week. We do not do a lot for adult birthdays, but Katie made a very nice homemade butterscotch birthday cake, which was delicious.

We also tried Escargot simply because the kids had not tried it before and wanted to.

In the Kitchen

We enjoyed Crockpot Orange Chicken and Katie has ideas about how to chop it up and add sliced onions, carrots and sweet peppers to it. She loves to adapt recipes.

One More Thing

Oh, and because everyone has been asking, I want to let you know that James has not had any more seizures and is back to his old self. I will update you again once we go to Dupont Children's Hospital.

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    1. So glad about James! I also love your physics related field trip this week. It's amazing how much more fun and interesting learning science can be sometimes to me. I don't think I realized how much fun some of these subjects are until I started homeschooling :-)

    2. So happy James has had no more seizures! Let's keep it that way! What an eventful week! Love that museum! Enjoy your weekend!

    3. Oh what a fun time learning Physics! A hard subject for me.

    4. Do you all do labs?

      1. What do you mean? We do all enjoy the experiments together, but only the students that it applies to have to write it in their science journals. Does that answer your question?

    5. First of all I am SO GLAD to hear about James. We have been praying for him. What an amazingly fun way to learn Physics!!! So cool. I need to get with you about Drama. I am looking for something that will take 2 or 3 classes instead of so many different games and such each class. Happy weekend friend. I hope yours is beautiful. :)

      1. After improvisation games, I think you should give them small scenes. They love a script in their hands.

    6. Praise for a good report on James! And wow, wow all that physics and aviation. And of course, the chalk pastel swan! :)

      1. They boys prefer the art lessons with Nana, I think. :)

    7. You do some amazing things each week! Such a great field trip and so hands on!!! We hit up a local museum/park here and learned about the Wright Brothers last week. The kids really enjoyed it!

    8. Happy Birthday - so glad you got a cake from your girl. Love the photos from the museum - we have some similar - you will get to see them sometime soon. I am glad James is doing well.

    9. I am behind on reading! I didn't know about the seizures, but am glad to know there have not been more. Your week looks amazing as always. I am looking forward to getting "caught up" on what has been going on in your homeschool. I read your "One Year Ago" post over at On The Mend- wow! A whole year. Continued prayers for you and your family and your recovery. You are an inspiration as a parent! I continue to be amazed at what you accomplished through all of this past year.

      1. I doesn't seem like a whole year, does it? Thank you for your prayers.

    10. Happy Birthday, Phyllis! I'm so glad James didn't have any more seizures. Looks like you guys got a lot of learning in last week!

    11. Happy birthday! I love birthdays, so I have to admit I make sure EVERYONE knows it's my birthday and that something happens for it.
      Ha ha ha, guess I'm not the only one emailing you about James.
      That looks like a great field trip. I had grand plans for getting minor dribs and drabs of learning done while we were on vacation. Then the kids didn't pack a bit of it, except for books to read, so that went out the window.

    12. I love all those experiments - as you say very easy to replicate at home, which we will be - thanks! Happy Birthday. Butterscotch cake sounds yummy!

    13. Happy belated birthday, Phyllis! This museum sounds like fun and thanks for taking time to type all the experiments and how they work.

    14. Great news about James!

      The aviation museum looks like great fun! Is that in College Park, Maryland? When I was a little girl my grandpa used to take me swimming to a pool in College Park - it had a high dive and was a highlight of my visits to Maryland.

      I love how you worked grammar into history. Great week!


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