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Mystery Science, Part IV: The Contents of Mr. Body's Glass

The next piece of evidence you have to examine is the glass that was found on the table on Mr. Body's balcony. You need to test whether the contents of the glass was just soda or whether it contains another ingredient. A prescription sleeping medication was found on Mr Body's nightstand and it seems that either some of the medicine is missing, or Mr. Body was taking too much of it. If the glass just contained soda, it should have an acidic pH. Sleeping medicine, on the other hand, is a base.* You need to test what the pH of contents of the glass is, to give you another possible clue.

Show your child this post on how we tested the contents of the glass,
or you can duplicate the experiment yourself by following these directions.
If the cola contained a sleeping potion, who does this indicate might be involved in the kidnapping?
Who do you think would have access to and knowledge of the sleeping potion?
Check the names off on your worksheet.
You can also make a guess in the poll. You can always change your guess.

*We are just saying that sleeping potion is a base for the purposes of this mystery.

When you are ready to go on to Part V, click here.
You will need Super glue, a plastic bag, aluminum foil and a glass for next experiment.


  1. We finally did the first three parts and had a blast! Were gonna get together to finish after thanksgiving

  2. We've got one long post of all our experiments.

    The kids have been so excited. They can't wait for the next set of clues.

    Thanks again and again!


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