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The Secret to Science Fair Success, Part I: The Question

Maybe your homeschool group is holding a science fair? Perhaps you not sure of how to go about helping your students to make a good science fair project? If you are like me, sometimes science experiments get put off and you never seem to get around to it. Well, here is the perfect opportunity to do an experiment that your kids will remember and get a lot out of. So, how do you begin?
Blank spiral ringbound notebook with ruled pages and a sharpened wooden pencil with room for your text or message
  1. Buy a notebook for each student and have them write something like Science Fair Project Log or the like on it. This is where your student will write all of his notes, thoughts and ideas on the project. It doesn't have to be neat, but you have to be able to read it! Make sure your student writes the date and time on each entry.
  2. Brainstorm things that might lead to the project's topic. Have your students write down any questions they can think of, even if they might seem silly.
  3. Now it is time to pick a topic. Your student might need a little help defining an appropriate topic.
  4. After a idea is picked, your student can begin researching the chosen topic.

Next week we will talk more about your student narrowing down the topic and developing the idea into an experiment.

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  1. Great minds think alike! I have to admit I'm guilty of starting lots of notebooks, but not necessarily using them completely.

  2. Science fairs sound like such a fun way of learning. I don't think we have them over here in the UK, which is a shame. Doesn't stop us making up our own though!


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