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Science Mystery, Part III: The Ransom Note

You look in the folder again and find a copy of the ransom note. It is written in brown ink. The police report states that there were no fingerprints or other identifying marks on the note.  The house and guests were searched for the brown pen. An ink pen with brown ink was found on both Mr. Green and Professor Plum and a brown marker found in the kitchen. You are needed to analyze the ink from the note to determine if either of the inks found at the time of the incident was the one that was used in the ransom note.

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  1. I'm going to have to remember not to read the last one of these, so I can be surprised when we get to do this ourselves!

  2. thanks so much for the award...will post soon on my blog....have a grt weekend....it was ur birthday on 7th.....our warm wishes and hugs from india.

  3. Anonymous14.11.10

    Phyllis, I'm sure you could do some crochet or quilting. Have you seen the yo yo's on Karen Andreola's blog? http://www.momentswithmotherculture.blogspot.com/
    My email is: Quiltmomof3@knology.net.
    I love your Science posts they look fantastic.

  4. So, I've been leaving this open to remind me to set up a "playdate" with a fellow homeschooling mom to work on this mystery.

    Hmmmm, and I still haven't left this comment yet.

    Playdate arranged, now to purchase supplies.


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