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The Garden Mural Project

This series of posts will cover many biology topics, especially for Preschool and Kindergarten aged students, although all elementary aged students will benefit from this study. This is a great study to begin in spring. The posts will cover nature study, hands-on projects and written science journal opportunities. The complete project takes about 16 weeks to complete.
1. Begin the Mural and Make A Field of Sunflowers: covers basic botany topics
2. Insects: Bees: includes parts of an insect and bee hive
3. Insects: Ants and Bees, begins the study of ants and their home, includes discussion of social insects and their behaviors
4. Insects: Butterflies and Metamorphosis: begins the study of butterflies and their life cycle, activities on butterfly behavior and how they protect themselves from predators. Also includes a comparison of moths and butterflies.
5. Helpful and Harmful Insects: Includes a study of ladybugs and aphids.
6. Spiders: Compares and contrasts the insect with the spider. Study of spiders and their homes.
7. Finishing Up the Mural: Study of what insects do in the winter, crickets and night insects. Sunflowers bloom and the meadow is complete.


  1. We have a few homeschool friends that are becoming (are have have become) bee keepers. It's really amazing to watch it all evolve. One young lady has even been crowned the Bee Queen in a local pageant. These families have learned to package and sell their honey (which is fantastic to taste as well as experience). Your unit sounds really interesting and fun!

  2. Fun! We did a mural or two once or twice, but never to go with science topics, that's a good idea.


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