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Homemade Geodes (with Update!)

 A couple of week ago we decided to make our own geodes, loosely following the directions from Those Northern Skies. 
I had a hard time, however, gathering enough eggshells, so I decided to try them with plastic eggs. I didn't know whether they would form on the plastic, but I thought it was worth a try.  
Green and blue eggs are Epsom Salts, purple and orange are table salt, and yellow and pink are Borax.

A week and a half later, our geodes are crystallized and ready to show you.

Open them up and this is what you see.

These are the Borax crystals.

These are the table salt crystals.

These are the Epsom Salts crystals.

The one side of the Epsom salt "geode" made one very large crystal.

The rest of the Epsom salt crystals were like this.

We also put some Borax crystals in a regular egg for comparison. The crystals were thicker in the real egg, but even so, I thought the plastic eggs were successful and the boys like pretending they are geodes and "cracking" them open.


  1. This is a neat experiment. We have a big box of Borax so I'm adding this to my list of things to do.

  2. Good to know! Your results look very similar to what we've gotten with real eggs.

  3. Very cool! (Where do you find all your GREAT ideas??)

  4. Oh that looks so fun!

  5. Very cool!!! I found out this year (and I didn't get a chance to photograph the ones I did with the class at school so we will try again home sometime) is that Alum makes fabulous huge crystals similar to the the large Epsom salt crystal you shared.

  6. Thanks for sharing how these turned out!

  7. Hmm...I wonder why the ones in the real eggs were thicker? I wonder if it would work inside clay? It would be fun to crack it open that way. Need to get Borax.

  8. Wow Phyliss this looked like it worked out great using platic eggs! I hope to give this a try, looks like it is alot of fun to do.

  9. Oh my goodness! What fun!!

  10. wow! that's very interesting...would love to try this...thanks for sharing...btw, I would love to receive a postcard from you...just send me your mailing add so I can send you one from TX....thanks!


  11. What a fantastic experiment! I have to try it one day, but waiting for 10 days will be hard :)


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