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Why I write this blog.

  How does your blog differ from other blogs in its genre?   There are a lot of homeschooling blogs out there, it is true. So, why do I think I have something unique to offer? Well, I didn't start out to be a homeschool projects blogger. I started out to just to record for my children all that we do together, so whether there were other such blogs out there, was not my concern. There is nothing in this world I enjoy more than being with my children and I wanted them to be able to look back and enjoy remembering all the fun times we had. Then as I began posting about what we did, people began asking me for explanations of how exactly we did the things we were doing. So, I began making more tutorial posts, and so the style of blogging that this blog has become was born.  I think we have an unique style of homeschooling as it doesn't seem to fit wholly in any category. I personally favor Charlotte Mason, because that is the way I would have wanted to learn, but my children need ot

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