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Learning about Fish

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James' sketch
We have been studying fish...
 and notebooking about them.

We have learned that fish come in different shapes.

Quentin didn't feel like writing the day we did the parts of a fish, so I copied one, cut out the names and mixed them up. He then glued them to the appropriate places.

 We have labeled the parts of the outside of the fish.
James' notebook page

In lieu of dissection, we labeled the parts of the skeleton on paper from Biology Coloring Book.

 Using what we knew about fish anatomy, we made clay fish.

 We went on field trips to learn more about fish.
We went to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden NJ.

 We learned about fish first hand through nature study. We observed pond Koi, and how the fish moved and how they used their different fins. We also talked about their scales and about how the mouth is always moving, making swallowing motions. We talked about how the fish takes in water like we do air and as the water runs over their gills, the oxygen is removed just as the oxygen is removed from air in our lungs.
 We experimented with buoyancy using different amounts water in a bottle and putting it in a large bowl of water. We talked about how fish have a swim bladder that they use to take in varying amounts of air to change how high or low they float in the water.

Alex's notebook page

We learned about fish migration and how the Salmon move from salt-water to fresh and back again.
Adventure Aquarium, Camden NJ

  •  Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures, Jeannie Fulbright
  • Exploring Creation with Marine Biology, Jay Wile
  • Biology Coloring Book
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