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Oceans of Oobleck

Lab Investigation

A space probe has just returned from a planet in another star system. The planet is covered with large oceans and a sample of the ocean material was collected by the space probe. 
You are one of a group of space scientists gathered to investigate the properties of the ocean sample.
I acted as a scribe for them as they experimented with the Oobleck, since it would have been difficult for them to write with Oobleck on their hands.

Scientific Convention

Professional scientists come from all over the world to attend meetings called scientific conventions. During a convention, scientists listen to each other's experimental results and critically discuss them. The goal of the convention is not to prove each other right or wrong, but to find the truth and state it as clearly and completely as possible.

We took the list that we had complied and I had the boys write their own reports on their observations of the Oobleck. They then presented their reports to the family, who could then ask clarifying questions.

Spacecraft Designs 

The next assignment was to design a spacecraft that is able to land on an ocean of Ooblek, explore the whole planet, and take off again with all passengers aboard. Aside from the oceans of Oobleck, the planet has conditions very much like those on Earth.
Quentin's Design, with notes I wrote down from his oral narrations

Flora and Fauna

Quentin's (age 9) plant designs
The last assignment was to sketch some ideas for what flora and fauna that might live in this environment. What adaptations would they need to survive in this habitat?
Quentin's (age 9) designs for an animal that could live in Oobleck.

  • Oobleck: What Do Scientists Do?, Lawrence Hall of Science


  1. Having just read C.S. Lewis' "Out of the Silent Planet", I wonder what the inhabitants of such a planet would have to look like to be able to thrive there?

    1. That was the idea we were going for when I asked them to create plants and animals would live there. Creating aliens would also be a good idea to add.

  2. I love how you expanded this lesson into something that would spur their imagination and creativity. Quentin's rocket looks pretty involved :)

  3. Fun stuff! Your homeschool learning experiences never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love this assignment, what a great idea!

  5. Anonymous11.7.13

    I love this! Such a great idea. Anything that gets the children thinking and imagining is a winner in my book.


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