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Genetics, Part Two-B: Plant Cell Model

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For the plant cell, I used Katrina's idea at Baking and Boys! and used a cookie pizza. We spread out the dough on a baking sheet to make it rectangular, just like plant cells. Sam then used candy to represent the various cell components. You could use whatever you have on hand.
Plant Cell

Cell Wall-pizza pan
Cell Membrane-chocolate frosting
mitochondrion - hard orange candy
Nucleus- Marshmallow
Nucleolus- Gumball
Ribosomes-M & M's
rough endoplasmic reticulum - (rough ER) -Gummy worms
smooth endoplasmic reticulum - (smooth ER) -Candy Sticks
Cytoplasm: Cookie Dough
Amyloplast: gum drop
Chloraplasts: Green "chews" (like taffy)
Centrasome- Peppermint

Next week we will be making models of Mitosis with three colors of pipecleaners.


  1. all that did was make me hungry, but it is the best way to learn about that stuff.

  2. that is an amazing idea!!! you are so great at finding creative ways to teach your kids, i love it!!!


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