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ZooLand, Part 2: Plants, Animals and their Cells

The second lesson for our zoo studies begins the study of classification. Older students can learn about the role that prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells take in the classification system. Younger students can learn about the five different kingdoms: (links to activities below)

The youngest of students need only to learn the differences between plants and animals, such as the fact that plants make their own food using water, air and sunshine, whereas animals must eat plants or animals or both.

After you finish the lesson, you can check understanding by asking a few questions, gearing the wording to the question depending on the student's age.

Now, have your students pick another animal to study. As before, have them organize the information they learn to make a sign for the animal's cage. They then need to research the habitat needed for this animal. What other animals live in this type of habitat? This might lead to the next animal study.

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  1. First of all, I love ALL of what you do! I take that information and try to use it in our homeschooling...but I have a question for you, when you have time. How do you determine what you will teach, and when. For example, I prayed to know what to teach my children this year, and was led to Science based on the Creation, art, US geography and "the basics" (reading, writing, math). You seem to have so much all at the same time. How do you determine what to teach when, how do you organize it all and then how do you apply it in your schooling day? I realize this is a loaded question...but I would love love LOVE to do all the curriculums you do, I just think I would get overwhelmed. What is your secret? (And thank you so much for all of your ideas, photos and links!!!

    1. I have written a post to answer your question...
      I hope that helps!


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