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Nature Study: Lesson 129 The Water Lily and The Lotus

"The water lily has become dependent upon certain conditions in pond or stream, and...unfitted in form to live elsewhere. It must have quiet waters, not too deep, and with silt bottom."
-Handbook of Nature Study, p.497
"The study should be made first with the water lilies in a stream or pond, to discover just have they grow." -HNS

We looked at the shape of the water lily leaf, the colors and textures. We noticed the open flower and its sepals and stamens.
A lotus bud, the water lily's cousin.
"If they read about the lotus of Egypt, then they should realize that the Nile as a river with borders of still water and with bottom of silt. Thus, from the conditions near at hand we may cultivate in the child an intelligent geographical imagination." -HNS, p. 497
We looked at the interesting and beautiful seed pod...

and noticed how it dried out.

Using what we had observed and the tutorial at Hodgepodge, we made pastels of our a lily pond to include in our nature journals.


  1. Their pastels are beautiful. The Science Museum in our area has a large pond that is filled with blooming lotus in early summer. We love to go just to see them.

  2. What a wonderfully in-depth study. And, of course, I love the pastels!

  3. I love water lilies! Beautiful pastel drawings!

  4. I love all of the pastels you guys do . WHat pastels do you use?

  5. Love the seed pods...so interesting! What a lovely ending to this study with the pastel work.

    Excellent study. Thanks so much for sharing.


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