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Nature Study: Lesson 148: Queen Anne's Lace or Wild Carrot

"When the flowers wither and the fruits begin to form, every one of the little umbels turns toward the center, its stalk curving over so that the outside umbels reach over and close the whole flower-head; and the thread-like bracts at the base reach up as if they, too, were in the family councils, and must do their slender duty in helping to make the fading flowers into a little, tightfisted clump."
-Handbook of Nature Study, p.543

In this bunch of Queen Anne's Lace we can see the small, but mature flowers, the fruit clusters beginning to form and one which has already become a "bird's nest."

"Queen Anne's Lace is a weed which came to us from Europe and flourishes better here than on its native soil. It has beautiful blossoms set in clusters and it matures many seeds which it manages to plant successfully." -HNS, p.544

Our Queen Anne's Lace pictures from our nature study journals.
The Queen Anne's Lace flower is such a lovely composite flower, with each of the flower cluster making up many florets. If you look closely enough you can see that each tiny floret has five petals and if you get a magnifying glass, you should be able to see tiny stamens. Imagine all the seeds it must produce!

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  1. I have always wondered what Queen Anne's Lace looked like. I have read so many books that reference it. The nature study journals are stunning!!

  2. I always learn something new, usually lots, when I visit your blog. You really do make learning fun. We have lots of Queen Anne's lace along the road verges. Different places in the UK give the plant different names, but I didn't know it was called wild carrot.

  3. I love Queen Anne's Lace we get some here but it is small and puny. I love visiting my parent's when the QA Lace is blooming it is huge and gorgeous. Several years ago I took tons of cool photos.

  4. Beautiful pictures!!!!
    We loved studying Queen Anne's Lace in the Handbook! My kids were especially fascinated to learn about the plant folding itself like an umbrella as it dies.

  5. Another great study with the HNS. We love QAL here but this year it has been so small...last year it was HUGE. I guess it must be the weather and water condition. I enjoyed seeing your study and thank you for submitting it to the OHC.

  6. Anonymous3.9.11

    Lovely artwork! I've only just had wild carrot pointed out to me lately and I think I could identify it again. I had no idea it was also called Queen Anne's Lace. I wonder if that's american or if I just haven't come across it before. Anyway, I think I'd like to do a more detailed study on it one day :)

  7. Your journal entries are beautiful!


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