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We learned about whale migration. We are ta;king the Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures book at a very leisurely pace. The book only has a small section on this subject, but it is very informative. We also found a bit on migration in Considering God's Creation and used the pictures of whales to show the migration patterns of the Grey Whale (north pole to the shores of Mexico) and the Humpback Whale (south pole to the equator.)
Alex's completed notebook page

When we went on a trip to Washington's Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, we saw the skeleton of a Grey Whale and a life-sized model of a North Atlantic Right Whale.

Alex's notebook page on Baleen Whales
 We learned about the difference between baleen whales and toothed whales...
and that dolphins are a type of whale.

Quentin's drawings of krill.
and how baleen whales eat small creatures like krill.
We made paper krill and pretended to be whales eating them.
We went outside on the sidewalk and began measuring in 10 foot increments.
 With a list of whale lengths in hand, James began marking the lengths and names of the whales on the sidewalk as we measured.
 This is the length of a Blue Whale...100 feet from where Quentin is standing to where James is standing.
This is the length from a side view, but I wasn't able to get James in the picture...he is standing just to the left of the picture.
All notebooking pages are from Apologia website and are free.
We learned about the different ways that whales move. Alex was having a hard time sketching the whales in the right positions, so I cut out a small picture of a whale for him to move around into the right position and then trace. He was then able to color in the whales and the water around them.

Other great whale activities to do:


  1. Where'd you find those pages? They're wonderful.

    We did the same thing for measuring whales, and the kids loved it too.

  2. I love the idea of measuring out the length of different whales. There is a science museum nearby that has a blue whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling. It is almost as long as the exhibit hall. I can't imagine seeing a live one!

  3. nice extension activities

  4. What fun. I wanted to do something like this with dinosaurs and their footprints.

    Thanks for linking to Fun Sparks xx


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