The Civil War and President Lincoln {1861-1865}

 Ever since I can remember my boys have love learning and playing all about the Civil War. They regularly dress-up and pretend to be soldiers in the war and reenact battles with toy soldier sets.
Quentin, in particular, loves to get everything exactly the way it was then, and so regularly looks at books on the Civil War.

So they could learn about Civil War weapons, we have played a War Card Game variation using cards with different types of weapons on them...

and another with military groupings on them.
April 12, 1861
They have heard and seen pictures of our honeymoon in Charleston, South Carolina and our touring Fort Sumter. (Yes, we are the couple that spent our honeymoon touring museums.)

July 21, 1861 and August 1862
We imagined what it would have been like at the Battles at Manassas.

July 1-3, 1863
We have walked through the Battle at Gettysburg step-by-step at our field trip to Gettysburg, PA.
Student notebook page (age 18, special education)
We have made pages in our notebooks about President Lincoln.

We have had a Strawberry Soiree, just like Mrs. Lincoln.

In 1837 Mr. Proctor and Mr. Gamble began making and selling soap and candles. During the Civil War government contracts to provide the Union Army with soap and candles kept the factory busy. In 1879 Mr. Gamble’s son developed Ivory Soap. You can see how different Ivory soap is from other soaps by doing an experiment.
So, this time we studied the Monitor and the Merrimac and the Civil War on the sea.

  • The Monitor and Merrimac, R. Conrad Stein, " An account of the naval duel fought in the Chesapeake Bay between the opposing ironclads of the North and the South that changed shipbuilding forever and affected the course of the Civil War."
  • Lincoln: A Photobiography, Russell Freedman
  • George Washington Carver, David Collins; (4th grade/age 9 and up) Although Caver's career was long after the Civil War, Carver helped to rebuild the war-torn South by offering alternative crops after the boll weevil devastated the cotton crop. This is a biography of this amazing man.
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