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Playing War Games...or which is larger...a platoon or a battalion?

To help the boys learn about the ranking of serveral things in the military, we played a version of the old card game "war," but these cards had names of the various things I wanted them to learn about on the card instead of numbers.
For example, they are learning which weapons are more or less powerful by looking at a ranking list and determining which wins in a skirmish. For example Sam might put down an Breech-Loading Rifle card and James, a Small Mortar Card. Since the Mortar is more powerful, he would win Sam's card that round.

You can also learn the names for various amounts of soldiers.
Did you know that...
a Squad is about 8-10 soldiers (commanded by a sergeant)
a Platoon is about 2 or more squads or about 30 soldiers (led by a lieutenant)
a Compandy is about 3-5 Platoons (commanded by a captain)
a Battalion is 2 or more Companies (commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel)
a Regiment is 2 or more Battalion with soldiers and armored calvary
a Brigade is 2 or more Battalion with only soldiers (commanded by a Colonel)
a Division is 3 or more Brigades (commanded by a Major General)
a Corps is 2-5 Divisions (commanded by a Lietuenant General)
an Army is 2 or more Corps (commanded by a Lieteunant General)
You can also learn about military rank. It is fun to have the losing side salute the higher ranking card holder each round.You could write the names of these Military Groupings on index cards and play "war' card game.

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