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Strawberry Soiree (1850's)

"Strawberry parties were so popular in the 1850's that people said the country had 'strawberry fever.'" 
-Abraham Lincoln for Kids: His Life and Times With 21 Activities By Janis Herbert
Mary Lincoln opened her parlor to her friends and neighbors for Strawberry Soirees. We decided to have one ourselves. Our menu consisted of:
Strawberries and whipped cream crepes
Strawberry Shortcakes
Vanilla Ice Cream with Strawberries
Strawberry Scones
Strawberry Sorbet
Strawberry Lemonade

Pass the Strawberry
Line up and give each player a spoon. Pass a strawberry down the line, spoon to spoon without dropping it.
Do You Know Your Strawberry Facts?
Draw a slip of paper from the bowl. Some are facts about strawberries and some are made up. Can you tell whether it is a fact or not?

-Strawberry Soiree at My 4 Sweetums


  1. We'll have to check into that book! What a wonderful party! All of the food looks delicious and those games sound like so much fun. I'll have to remember the fact one for a bunch of different themes. Thank you!

  2. I can't wait for our strawberries to ripen!

  3. Who doesn't love strawberries? Certainly not me, I'd go this party!


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