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A Learning Twist on an Old Game

James and Sam play the Civil War Weapons game.
We are studying the Civil War this week. Today we played a version of the old card game "war," but these cards had names of weapons on them instead of numbers. They are learning which weapons are more or less powerful by looking at a ranking list and determining which wins in a skirmish. For example Sam might put down an Breech-Loading Rifle card and James, a Small Mortar Card. Since the Mortar is more powerful, he would win Sam's card that round.


  1. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and I am enjoying going back in the archives to see the fun things you all have done. My boys would love this game. Is it a game or printables?Where did you get the pictures of weapons from? Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. The cards came from a curriculum called Interact Simulations. You can find it here...
      but as you can see, it was very pricey. (Too pricey for what you get.) I was thinking that they could be hand-made by printing out small pictures and putting them on index cards or cardstock.

  2. Oh man this would have been so much fun with my kids. I wish I'd seen this when we were studying Civil War!


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