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Secret Formula: Testing Cleaning Ability

Well, we have tested our toothpaste ingredients for texture, suds and taste. The last test for toothpaste ingredients was a test for cleaning ability. We stained some tiles (the kind you use in bathrooms) with some blueberry syrup and then used the different materials to test how well they cleaned the stains. They all cleaned well but soap and calcium carbonate tied for first place, with baking soda and salt in second place.

Now that they have all the test results in for texture, suds, taste and cleaning ability, the next time we meet they can decide how much of each ingredient to add to their own toothpaste formulas. And for those of you who have asked, yes, we will cover adding flavors next time, too.

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  1. Yes, flavoring will be important! Will you compare their cleaning, sudsing, texture, and taste, (and cost?) to commercial toothpastes too?


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