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Secret Formula: Ice Cream

The next "secret formula" we made was for ice cream. Quentin eating green ice cream from a bag?
Let me explain how we made ice cream, the "secret formula" way.
First they had to decide how much of each ingredient they wanted to add.
The ingredients were sugar, choice of either strawberry or vanilla flavorings and choice of any combination of red, blue or yellow food colors.

They added these to 3 ounces of cream in a baggie.
The baggie was put in a cup so they had both hands free to measure.
After some of each ingredient was added, they tasted them to see if they were "just right."
Now the fun began. The small individual bags were put into a large (gallon) baggie. Rock salt and ice were also added to the baggie. Ice cream will not freeze unless the temperature gets below 27 degrees, so the salt is added because it lowers the freezing point of the ice.
The baggie was then put inside an old T-shirt. The boys took turns shaking the ends of the T-shirt to keep the ice cream churning.

Is it done yet?

Now they get to try their own ice cream.
They seemed to enjoy their own creations and eating ice cream from a bag.

For more exact measurements, you might like Ice Cream In a Can.

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