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Book Club: "It's A Jungle Out There", part 6: Tribal Encounters

You find an Indian tribe in a clearing. It is one of the tribes that you found in your research in an earlier assignment.

Assignment 21

  • What do you do when you first see them? Write a descriptive journal entry.
  • Are they a peaceful tribe? If so, how do you communicate? If not, what do you do to get away safely? Write a descriptive journal entry.
  • I am not sure if I made this unit up entirely myself or if I found some of it on the internet. If you know if any of this has come from a source I have not credited, please let me know, and I will make the appropriate corrections.


  1. I have to admit I'm always terrible at writing descriptive journal entries, because I'm much more likely to skip over descriptive passages in books. Isn't that terrible?

  2. I have to admit, I have done that before with Lord of the Rings. Some of the descriptive passages about them tromping through the woods seem to go on forever for me. Sam and Steven think I am terrible for saying that. :)

  3. I like the descriptive passages but I sometimes have to go back and read them again to get the full impact.
    Phyllis, I'm saving this series for when my Gilligan's Island -obsessed sidekick is old enough. It'd be a great tie-in.


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