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Book Club: "It's A Jungle Out There", part 4: Learning About the Machiguenga

rest at camp

Assignment 12

  • Read, "It' a Jungle Out There" written by Ron Snell, Chapter 12: Lonely Souls
  • Large mosquitoes that can cause malaria are a constant problem. You know that the tribe crushes a certain plant and rubs this on their bodies to repel mosquitoes. You also know that they use some plants as an antidote for malaria. What kind of plants are these and how would you find them?

Assignment 13

  • Read, "It' a Jungle Out There" written by Ron Snell, Chapter 13: Riding the Flood
  • The Machiguenga would like to trade with you. What items do you think they would have for trade?

Assignment 14

  • Read, "It' a Jungle Out There" written by Ron Snell, Chapter 14: The Posse
  • What do you think you would have with you? Make sketches and notes about these things. Determine what things they would value and write a narrative about the trading.
  • I am not sure if I made this unit up entirely myself or if I found some of it on the internet. If you know if any of this has come from a source I have not credited, please let me know, and I will make the appropriate corrections.

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  1. I find that plant very quickly, so I don't get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Otherwise I will be one big mosquito bite.


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