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Roman Shields

Our Roman Shield are a variation on the Celtic Shields.
We used a piece of Foam-core board and rounded the edges with a Exacto knife. We attached two pieces of rope to the boards in the middle by punching four holes in the Foam-core board, threading each piece of rope through two of the holes and knotting it so that it will hold. These are the handles for your little warriors to use by putting their arms through these loops, so make sure your rope is long enough for your child's arm and the knots.We then spray painted the board, including the knots that showed through.
Allow this to dry.

We then made four lightning bolt shapes out of yellow posterboard and glued these on. We also made a cone-shaped boss by cutting out a circular shape with a pie slice- shaped piece cut out of it. When the edges of the cut out piece are put together and glued it will form a cone. The circle should be larger than the cone that you eventually will have on the shield. Now cut out crenellations around the circle about 1 inch in. These you will fold in and glue to hold it on. We used a glue gun.

Now your shield is finished and ready to use!
Here is a simpler version.

We have been reading the Bronze Bow and Mystery of the Roman Ransom.

See also Roman Standards.


  1. seriously, milk carton handles, makes it so much easier.

  2. I am glad you left that comment, Ticia, because I meant to mention it in my write-up but forgot. The boys wanted handles that they can slip their whole arms into. If that is not an issue, then I am sure that milk carton handles glue gunned on for the handles would be easier!

  3. these are wonderful .. good times ahead x


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