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Celtic Shield

We are studying the early Celtic tribes in history this week, and my youngest, who just loves any kind of shield or weapon, really wanted a Celtic shield so that they could play the Celtic tribes and the Romans. We modified the instructions found here.
You will need a piece of foam-core board, some wooden dowels, some leather cording, some rope (we used clothesline rope), a hot glue gun and some metallic spray paint.

You will need to cut down the foam-core board so that it is about 15 inches wide and 30 1/2 inches long.
Round the corners and curve in slightly on the long sides.
Take the rope and hot glue it down in a vaguely Celtic pattern.
I used this for my pattern, but as you can see, I am not terrifically good at it.
I did find it easier to put the glue down in a pattern and then lay the rope on top rather than putting glue on the rope and then laying it down in a pattern. I also put a small swirl pattern on each of the corners.
Now take it to a well ventilated place to spray the paint. Make sure you put down a dropcloth under and behind the shield before you paint if you care about paint getting to whatever is there. Spray the entire front of the shield.

When dry, turn over and attach the dowel with tape at each end. If you pinch the tape together a little under the dowel, it will leave some space for hands to go between the dowel and the shield. You can spray paint the tape to look more like a metal clasp, if you wish. Make holes on either side of the dowel and thread the leather cording through the shield and tie in the back. This helps to hold the dowel on (and also looks cool.)

To hold the shield, grasp the dowel. My boys made short swords out of the leftover foam-core board. The swords won't last long, however, with the use they are giving them.

Another great project, Mini Celtic Wattle and Daub Roundhouse (when the ancient Britons came to our back garden) can be found at Scraps of Starlight.


  1. I love this!! What creativity you have, and I know those boys are loving it. I'm glad I stopped by from the Kiddos Create party. :) I'm a few years behind you with my kids, but it's awesome to gather ideas for the years to come. Thanks for sharing.


  2. My boys would love this. We did similar shields one time, but haven't seen this variation.
    When we did it I hot glued a milk carton handle to the back for the handle.

  3. too bad we are in japan, our boys would have a blast playing with your boys!!!!!

  4. Sarah...my youngest is only 5, so they might not be as much older as you thought!

    Ticia....great idea about the milk carton handle. We might have to try that when we do the Roman Shields. Quentin says that we must not let any opportunity pass in which a shield could be made!

    L2L...yes, that is too bad. My boys always enjoy new friends...if you are even in the states....

  5. What a great idea!!! My boys would TOTALLY love making and more importantly USING these!!

    Thanks for linking up!!!


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