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Roman Standards

A group of eighty soldiers was called a century. Each century had an emblem that they carried into battle called a standard. You can make your own standard with a wrapping paper tube, cardboard, aluminum foil and crepe or tissue paper.
Decide on what emblem you would like for your century's symbol and put that at the top.
Then going down the tube, tape on shapes covered in foil. On a rectangular shape put two strips of crepe or tissue paper to hang down.

Now you are ready to go into battle.

Romans liked the color red because they felt it was a symbol of power.

Here one Roman soldier took a shield from the spoils of a battle with the Celtic tribes.
May 2014
Here is another version.
We have been enjoying reading Beyond the Desert Gate.
It is set in Palestine in the first century A.D. is and the Jews have revolted against Roman occupation and as they grow more restive, Rome clamps down even harder. 


  1. goodness they're cute.

  2. I've always found it amusing that a century of Roman soldiers was 80, so why is our century of years 100? Something to look at later on.
    My kids are going to love that I've discovered your site next year. And I'm so glad you're covering Rome and all right now, so I have it to look at next year.

  3. Are you only studying the Romans? We have done some interesting projects this year with many Ancient Cultures. If you are doing all of ancient history, you might want to look at those. My boys loved mummifying the oranges and potatoes.


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