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Ancient Greece: Invaders and the Dark Ages (1200-800 BC)

During the time in which Myceneans were struck with a famine, they began to go on raids both over land and sea. The Egyptians named them the "Sea Peoples" and they went on raiding and conquering missions to the island of Cyprus, to the Hittite empire in Asia Minor (Turkey) and Egypt. It is believed that as they spread, they became the ancestors of the Etruscans and of the Philistines.
During this time the Dorians took advantage of the troubles in the area to increase their power. 
Other groups of people began leaving the Greek mainland and settled in colonies in other areas. One of these was Ionia on the coast of Asia Minor (Turkey).
Alex's (age 19, special needs) notebook page
"Ionic columns are topped with scrolls. Doric columns are flat. Corinthian columns are much more ornate."

We decided to look at Greek architecture and in particular the styles of Greek columns named after the Dorians and Ionians.

During this same time, the Israelites are settling in Canaan. This is also the time of King David and King Solomon.

The scarcity of food was a continuing source of trouble. The land was rocky and mountainous. There were some olive groves, but wheat was scarce. Meat was only eaten on special occasions. Primarily their diet consisted of porridge and fruit. We decided to have some porridge (oatmeal) and fruit for breakfast.

The Greeks then went into a period in which we call the Dark Ages, as we know very little about what was happening during this time period. As they concentrated mainly on surviving, the arts and the palaces declined. 

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  1. I just loved learning about the columns - such incredible architecture!

  2. That's a very healthy breakfast! I think, though, I'd get tired of it eating over and over. We are so lucky in our times, aren't we? To have the food we do; the variety. Great job on the unit!

  3. I really enjoyed learning about Greek architecture when we covered Greece. You all did a sterling job!


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