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map from History Odyssey, Ancients
The first time you study the Hittites you might want to color maps of where they lived.
You might also want to do an hands-on project.

Hittite Musical Instruments

Nov 24, 2009

We made sistrums, a Hittite musical instrument, from jewelry boxes, skewers and washers. After punching in guide holes for the boys, I spray painted the boxes gold.
The boys put a skewer in, going in one direction. This serves as the handle. Then began threading the washers on the remaining skewers and then and put the skewers on, going in the other direction. 

Hittite Shields and Spears

The boys made Hittite (foam board) spears (dowels with cardboard and duct tape spearheads) and shields. Fortunately we picked up inexpensive swords for James and Quentin so I did not have to make those as well.
Nov 24, 2009
I let them make them on their own once I had cut out a circle from the foamboard.All ready for Bronze Age warfare.
Learning the value of effective shield use.

The boys went to the park to spar with Hittite weapons.

Hittite Costumes

Nov 24, 2009
While the little boys were at the park, Mom worked on their Hittite outfits, made from a plastic tablecloth and a large T-shirt, so that when they returned, the little boys were ready to be fitted...

using a stapler, of course.

We also made Hittite shoes from old socks and some leftover tablecloth. 
The are supposed to have pointed toes that curve back a bit, but we could not manage to get them to curl back.

Hittite Feast

Nov 24, 2009
To finish our study of the Hittites, we had a feast of lentils, home-made hummus, cucumbers and crusty bread.

Notebooking Activities

When you get a bit older, you will want to read some good books on them. I recommend a living book, Hittite Warrior by Joanne Williamson. It is set in the time of the Judges and covers many of the nations that were around the area at that time.
You might also want to look at some art work from the Hittites.
Here is a comparison/contrast activity, comparing Hittite and Assyrian artwork.


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