Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery, part 1: From St. Louis to Fort Mandan

We labeled the rivers on our salt dough map.
We began our study of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery by following the course they took.
Student's notebook page
They learned about President Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase,
map from Story of the World Activity book
 and mapped the areas before the journey.
lesson from Draw Write Now
They drew pictures completed copywork about Lewis and Clark.
map from Interactive 3-D Maps: American History
 This week we learned about their journey from St. Louis in December of 1803 to Fort Mandan, (what is now Bismark, North Dakota) where they stayed for the winter of 1804-1905. They traveled through what is now Missouri, parts of Kansas and Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota.
 We learned about keelboats,
the animals of the plains...
from History Pockets: Native Americans
 and the Sioux Indians. We completed the pocket for the Sioux,
(We had begun the pocket when we studied North Dakota. It is really nice when history and geography overlap.)

and colored in where they lived on yet another map,

Easy-to-Make Plains Indians Teepee Village (Dover Children's Activity Books)

and we made a paper Sioux village. It is a xerox copy that I was given years ago.

We compared the lifestyles of the Sioux...
and the Mandan Indians, for which Fort Mandan was named.

Lewis and Clark and The Corps of Discovery, part 2 From Fort Mandan to the Rocky Mountains

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