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Geography-Postcard Album: Iowa, “Hawkeye State”

Iowa is the 29th state to be admitted to the Union on December 28, 1846. Today Iowa is one of the leading producers in feed crops and stock.
This week's postcards are from Stacy in Iowa, the Hawkeye state, so nicknamed to honor  Chief Blackhawk.
"Hi! I happened to find your blog via Pinterest and noticed you're looking for an Iowa postcard. I'd be happy to send you one!"
"Here's a postcard that shows you what most people remember about Iowa -corn and farming and fields! I didn't grow up farming but I have friends who did! -Stacy
Des Moines, Iowa
Nollan Plaza -An urban oasis in the heart of downtown Des Moines.
"This shows a more urban side of Iowa! It's not ALL fields. Iowa is an awesome place to live and raise a family -we love it here! -Stacy"

When I asked Stacy what foods represent Iowa, she said, "Corn (especially corn on the cob) is the obvious, but it's rather out of season now. Pork tenderloins or anything beef would work too. You could have Blue Bunny ice cream for dessert - they make it in LeMars, Iowa."
Corn Casserole

So, I thought this Corn Casserole would fit the bill just fine.
You can find another Iowa state dinner idea at A Common Shepherdess
Here is our completed page. It has the state bird, the Goldfinch, the state tree, the Oak and the state flower, the wild rose. It also has a map that shows the states that surround Iowa (Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois), it's rivers (Missouri, Des Moines and Mississippi) and it's products, much of which has to do with farming such as meat, corn, farm machinery, egg, dairy products and vegetables.
"Did you know the Hawkeye State got its nickname from Chief Black Hawk of the Sauk tribe? Or that D is for Des Moines, the capital with the golden dome? Or that Iowa is bordered on each side by navigable rivers, the Missouri marks the western border and the Mississippi forms its eastern border. "H is for Hawkeye" presents these and many other interesting facts about the great state of Iowa. "
Although Laura Ingalls Wilder did not write a Little House book about the family's years in Burr Oak, Iowa, she and her family live in this town from 1876-77. Ma and Pa helped run the Burr Oak House. The hotel has been restored and is open to visitors.
We have "visited" 33 states with our postcard-geography album.
We still need postcards for these states:
Mississippi, New Jersey, Vermont and Wyoming.
If you live in any of these states and would like to help us with this project, please leave a comment on how I can get in touch with you. Thank you!


  1. You had the chance to eat ice cream and didn't? :)

  2. They sell Blue Bunny ice cream here - I'll have to remember that for a later geography lesson :)


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