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Nature Exchange from Southern California

We had so much fun with our last nature swap, we decided to join another one. This one was hosted by The Magnifying Glass and it was a nature exchange. This one was different in that you are to collect several different items and send the entire package to just one family and you get a package of items collected by another family.
We received our package today and look what was in it! It was sent from Of Grateful Praise from Southern California, and it was interesting to see what natural items are the same and which are different from the items where we live, on the opposite coast, in Maryland.
Long Beach, California
found at El Dorado Nature Center
Our acorns are so much shorter and fatter than these.
Santa Monica, California
Found at the beach
The shell looks very much like one we would find on our beach.
Pacific Palasides, California
found at Temescal Canyon Park
The maple leaves look very similar to ours.
Pacific Palisades, California
found at Temescal Canyon

We don't get many smoothed stones like this one.
(ordered at Amazon! Have fun!)
We do not have any geodes.
Long Beach, California
found fallen and abandoned at neighbors
Beautiful little soft nest. Wonder what kind of bird made it?
pine cone
Culver City, California
found walking to craft fair
We don't have any pine cones of this size here! Ours are much smaller.

Pacific Palisade, California
Temescal Canyon Park

 These seed pods were sent unidentified, but Steven (who is from Northern California) recognized them immediately as Eucalyptus seed pods. When he told us, we smelled them and you could smell a slight Eucalyptus smell. We don't have those here in Maryland.
Los Angeles, California
from our backyard
I don't recognize this butterfly. Do you?

Thank you so much Of Grateful Praise for our lovely package.

How about you? Do you have any of these items where you live? Do they look any differently?


  1. What a great swap!! I love this idea. We have geodes here. The kids love to collect them when we go to Sugar Creek. I have a basket full on my patio.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful idea! I bet your children loved looking through that package. I know I would!


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