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Nature Swap

Recently Science Matters hosted a Natural Things Swap and we decided to participate.
The idea is that you collect something in nature that is abundant in your area and you send it to the sponsoring person, in this case, Karen from Science Matters (if you follow this link, it will show you a photo of what we contributed to the swap-Magnolia seed pods.) Other people are sending in their objects to the sponsor as well. Once everyone who is participating has sent in their objects, the sponsor divides up the items and sends a package back to each person who participated, which includes one of each object sent in.

Let me show you some of the things we received...some flint from Ohio...

 a skate egg case (this is perfect as we are studying ocean creatures this year)...
 some slate (look how big it is!) from New York...
a Mesquite seed pod from Texas.

It was so much fun to receive a little something from nature walks all across the country.
If you were to send something from a nature walk, what would you send?


  1. Oh, that would have been fun! Not sure what we would have sent...would have been fun deciding.

  2. We're surrounded by granite, so I suppose that would be the easiest thing to find, it's everywhere, though I can't imagine the shipping costs. Very neat exchange!

  3. I had to chuckle over your question, I could send horse hoof trimmings. No, I wouldn't do that, it just came to mind after getting rid of a bunch my dog drug up to the back door. I would probably send some fun stuff we find at the beach, like, drift wood, cool shells, and rocks.

  4. You received some very cool items!!

    I actually know Karen from Science Matters personally...she is a "real life" friend and comes in my library frequently :) She is full of such good ideas!

  5. My children would love this! How do we go about being involved with this?


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