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Daily Life in the Colonies

Alex's worksheet on the reasons for settlers coming to the different colonies.
The colonists that settled in the New World came for many reasons, and their reasons helped to flavor the different areas.

The Northern Colonies
Colonial Hornbook

The Northern colonies were prodominately settled by the Puritans. Reading was very important to the Puritans becuse they needed to be able to read the Bible. Children learned to read from a Primer, a early schoolbook. A horn book was also used for lessons because paper for books and writing was scarce.

The Middle Colonies
The Middle Colonies became known as "the bread colonies" because they farmed grains and milled flour for bread. The flour  was then sold to all the colonies.
Wye Grist Mill Field Trip
Pennsylvania Dutch Tin Designs
Pennsylvania Dutch Stencil Designs
Dutch Blitz Game

Southern Colonies
Made for Trade Game
The Southern Colonies included farmers trying to get rich through trade, Africans brought to the New World as slaves and those enticed to come through gifts of land or promises of freedom.
More Colonial Activites from Homeschool in the Woods at Aussie Pumpkin Patch.


  1. Anonymous7.10.11

    I'm amazed at how little I learned in my childhood about the early settlements other than Jamestown and Plymouth. I didn't even know there was a New Sweden colony until I was doing family history research. It is very interesting to study the different groups that came first to settle here, and why. I love the projects you chose for your study!
    Almost Unschoolers

  2. What's the made for trade game? Looks like fun.

  3. Ticia...It is a game that features the shops in Colonial times. They have to go around and get different items either with money or by trade. It is a bit long and complicated for younger players.

  4. Anonymous13.10.11

    I love your homeschool. :D It seems like you're always learning about something so interesting! I love the Colonial times!


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