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Russia- Expanding and Modernizing {1682-1900}

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 Peter the Great 1682-1725
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Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia 1762-1796
Nicholas II becomes Tsar of Russia in 1894

Matryoskkas or Nesting Dolls
"The first Russian nesting doll (matryoshka) was born in 1890 in the workshop "Children's Education" situated in Abramtsevo estate new Moscow. The owner of Abramtsevo was Sava Mamontov - industrialist and a patron of the arts. The end of the 19 century in Russia was a time of great economic and cultural development. Mamontov was one of the first who patronized artist who were possessed by the idea of the creation of a new Russian style." -Russian Crafts

We read stories about nesting dolls and made these cute paper ones.

Another great craft project is a Russian "nevalyashka" doll at Almost Unschoolers.


  1. Is that copywork Quentin did at the top? Pretty good handwriting, and if he came up with that himeself I am VERY impressed.

  2. Ticia -It is copywork. We are going to have to work this year on using lowercase and uppercase correctly. He is my first child, however, who likes handwriting!


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