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Changes in Russia {1350-1613}

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The powerful kingdom of Muscovy began in Russia in 1280 and in 1328 the head of the Russian Church settled in Moscow. By the 1350's the Tartars were fighting amongst themselves and they were defeated by the Prince Ivan III of Muscovy. In 1480 he declared himself Tsar (emperor) of all the Russians and refusing to pay tribute to the Tartars. He built many beautiful buildings in Moscow.

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In 1547 Prince Ivan IV became Tsar of Russia. He was ruthless and cruel, earning himself the title of "Ivan the Terriable."

After his reign, there was a chaotic period in Russia's  history where several men claimed that they were the true tsar, dividing the country in a civil war. In 1613 the Romanov family took control of Russia and this dynasty would last for 300 years.
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