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The Habsburg Empire (1500-1780) and Prussia (1618-1786)

Lately we have been doing a lot of notebooking. Quentin is filling out coloring pages from Homeschool Journey's History Portfolios. James does their copy work. Alex and Sam write notes or narrations from what we are reading. Here are some examples from this week's history lessons. We will be getting back to some hands-on activities soon.

The Habsburgs

Sam's notes are a little hard to read, so I typed them out in sentence form here for you.
The Thirty Years War started as a religious struggle between Protestants and Catholics in central Europe. The last of the Spanish Habsburg, Charles II, had no children so he left lands to Philip, the grandson of the French king. The English and the Dutch were afraid of the uniting of Spain and France and so began the War of the Spanish Succession. After 13 years of fighting Philip was allowed to become king of Spain on the understanding that Spain and France would always remain separate. This was the end of the Habsburgs in Spain, but they still ruled in Austria. In 1740 Maria Theresa became ruler of the Habsburg Empire. She enjoyed musicians and artists, including the composer Mozart.

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