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The Rise of the Dutch

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The many provinces that make up the Netherlands was originally part of the Habsburg Empire. By 1648, these provinces had broken away from the Habsburg Empire and became their own country.
James' map
from Pandia Press History Odyssey Level One
We learned about William the Silent, William of Orange...
Quentin's picture
from Pandia Press History Odyssey, Level I
 windmills, merchant ships, lowlands, dikes...

and tulips.

A lot can be learned from just closely examining a tulip.
The older boys also learned about the East India Trading Companies.
Alex's map
from Pandia's History Odyssey, Level II

"In the 17th century the Dutch, the English, and the French competed with each other for the trade of mostly spices, in Indonesia and India. They formed powerful organizations called the East India Companies."


  1. I have to see if I can get my hands on The Great Tulip Trade. We just saved some Tulips from the neighbors to take a closer look at.

  2. But if I examine them that closely then they're not as pretty.........


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