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Composer Study: Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)

"About six works by some great composer are chosen for study each term. These compositions are played or sung to the children constantly and studied carefully. The children are taught something about the form, harmonic structure, thematic development of the composition and some information is given about the life of the composer."
-Art and Literature in the Parents' Union School
by Marjorie F. Ransom. (Ex-student House of education)Volume 34, 1923, pgs. 75-84
page from Harmony Fine Arts, Grade 2 Medieval Goth and Renaissance

This week when we made our spring pictures, we listened to Vivaldi's spring portion of The Four Seasons. Today we learned a little about the biography of the Red Priest and his all-girl orchestra.

When I studied this composer with Katie she was able to play a few of his pieces on the piano, but the boys are not at that level at piano.
Vivaldi's Four Seasons concertos are examples of the concerto grosso. The concerto grosso, is a form of baroque music in which the musical material is passed between a small group of soloists (the concertino) and full orchestra (the ripieno).

We will be following a combination of the lessons in Harmony Fine Arts Grade 2 and Harmony Fine Arts Medieval and Renaissance Art and Music Middle School Level. I highly reccommend these lesson plans, which include links to the music, coloring pages, notebooking pages and some craft projects such as making you own straw oboe. In the next few weeks we will be listening to:
Oboe Concertos
and Mandolin Concertos
We also love Classical Kids' Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery a CD which not only has incorporated his music into some facts about his life, but also weaves in an interesting story. We love listening to it in the car.


  1. First, love the new banner above! I think we are going to work on more of the music notebook pages this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Enjoying listening to this right now! How perfect is that to listen to Vivaldi while doing spring pages? I believe we'll join you tomorrow too. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. i LOVE your new header banner photo thing!!! that is just superb!! this happens to be one of my favorite pieces to play and i enjoy vivaldi quite a bit!! i even learned something new about his today, thanks for that!!


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