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The First Day of Spring...123...I Can Make Prints!...Finger Prints

Fitting for the first of spring...

these beautiful flowers would bloom...

but these are not your ordinary daffodils. They are miniature daffodils. I knew I had to have a shot with my hand in it for you to see just how tiny these little beauties are.
Aren't they adorable?

To celebrate spring, with Vivaldi's spring portion of The Four Seasons playing in the background, we made some spring fingerprint pictures.

There are so many things you can make just from fingerprints.

Bees begin to take shape, with yellow bodies and white wings.

Flowers bloom.

Flower stems can be made from prints of the whole finger.

Now let it dry.

Once it is dry, you can add stripes and legs on the bees, stems and touches to the flowers with chalk pastels or thin-tipped markers.
A spring garden.

What can you make from fingerprints?


  1. Perfect craft for the first day of spring!

  2. I think you should get this young man some canvasses!

    Love the painting.

    And BTW - love the new header too!

  3. Anonymous20.3.11

    Lovely :-)

  4. Anonymous20.3.11

    Lovely :-)

  5. Yesssssssssss spring finally!

  6. Now that's fun!! What a great idea :) Love your new blog banner too.

  7. Beautiful blossoms!!

  8. Years ago, I had mini=daffodils like those. I loved putting big fat bouquets of them in little tiny jam jars.

  9. I love their fingerprint art. My kids never cooperate when I try to do stuff like that.

  10. Wonderful art project! I love the idea, and what a cute finished product. Maybe this will entice my overly neat child to finger-paint finally!

  11. So pretty! I would say "I've been thinking finger-paint art, too", (which is perfectly true, ever since my friend Julie mentioned a book a few months ago)--but I don't want to be too predictable! :)

  12. Great craft. We did some fingerprint arts this week too using Ed Emberly fingerprint book. It has so many great ideas!


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