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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales


Over the past week we have... looked at Macaulay's Castle ... watched the video (from Netflix.)
They learned about murder holes and arrow slits, about the great hall and about castle plumbing.
We also enjoyed reading
The Door in the Wall.
They labeled the basic parts of a castle
and we talked about how the castle or rook moves in a chess game.
We played a game with pawns, rooks and the kings only. Quentin played with some extra chess pieces we have. He is learning the names of them at least.
Katie added the rooks, or castles, to their chess set.
These are so fun to play with. They seem like real men.
"Walls are the curtain of safety around your stronghold."
about what castles were defending against..."...It defended the peace inside its walls..""...men defending the walls ducked from arrows and spears behind openings in the parapet called 'crenelations'..." about the parts of a castle, this time adding moat and barbicans to their vocabulary...... and how to build the walls between the towers. "...crafty castle builders plan their fortresses before they begin..."
As they were building, . the sand became fortresses and

Sticks became men.

History came alive.

More lovely history lessons with Sandcastles at Painted Paper.
Paper castle models, including inside scenes and more at Skipton Castle.


  1. Great lesson! We'll have to check out the Netflix flick :)

  2. I love the David Macaulay books. I didn't know there was a video about it too, I'm sure we'll be getting it soon enough.

  3. The DVD is very good, but it is different than the book. That is why we use them both.


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