The Art and Industry of Sandcastles

"You will have to learn something about baileys, parapets, crenelations and keeps -you will have to build as men built for the kings of the green kingdoms of chivalry."
Do you ever find a book that you just adore, and then you find out that it is out of print. It just breaks your heart. This is just such a book. It is a wonderful book that shows the basics of how to make actual sandcastles -what materials you need and techniques for sandcastle building and has step-by-step illustrations. For this alone, it would be a valuable book. 
"Walls are the curtain of safety around your stronghold."

But it is oh, so much more than that. It also interweaves historical information about the real castles, constantly comparing the two, feeding the imagination. It begins with the early castles, which were really forts and traces the development of the castle, giving examples in history and examples of how to make them in the sandcastles you build.

"Restormel Castle began as earthworks around a wooden stockage and evolved over hundreds of years to the round shell keep where Edward the Black Prince held court in 1360. Sand castles evolve, too, over a shorter period so that you can hold court before the tide comes in. Build far enough from the incoming tide to finish, but near enough to allow the waves to claim their rightful property. To give the sea its due is part of the rules."
"Pembroke Castle evolved, as your castle might. At first it was a simple tower keep, and it grew as the Earls of Pembroke and the families of the village had time to work at it, and as times made it necessary to have a greater, stronger refuge."
You don't need to go to the beach to build sandcastles, either. You can build them in your own backyard. All you need is some sand, and this book, which can still be found used here.
You will treasure it.
(All quotes are by Jan Adkins from the book.)

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