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Charlemagne's Empire (770-840) & The Holy Roman Empire (960-1250)

All the kids are working at their own pace in completing their history notebooks, but today we read about Charlemagne's Empire, a Frankish empire that he had inherited from Charles Martel. Charles Martel, or Charles the Hammer, had led the Franks against the Moors in 732 at the Battle of Poitiers, driving them back into southern Spain. Charles Martel had inherited this throne from Clovis.
"By 900, all three parts of Charlemagne's old Empire were in danger. Vikings had invaded the Western and Middle kingdoms and tribes of Magyars from present-day Hungary were attacking the Eastern kingdom." -The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
Otto I, King of the Eastern kingdom beat the Magyars at the Battle of Lechfeld, which led the Pope to crown him "Holy Roman Emperor" since the Magyars were pagans.

( Next post on France and England's history: Joan of Arc, The Hundred Year's War (1340-1450),  and Robin Hood (1190-1194), next post on Germany's history: Germany in the Renaissance)

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