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The Barbarian Kingdoms and the Return to Christianity {9-500}

"The Germans living in southern Sweden and northern Germany moved south and pushed the Celts west. The Romans tried to control the Germans and were seriously beaten by them in AD 9. The Romans traded with some friendly German tribes, and recruited some into the Roman army. Some tribes such as the Franks, Alemanni and Goths raided the empire in 260-270 and the Romans had to make peace and settle them."
-The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

Clovis, the leader of the Franks ruled in what is now France and Germany, starting a line of kings that was eventually inherited by Charlemagne. 
The Visigoth kingdom settled in Spain (456).
The Vandals in North Africa (429).
Otrogoths in Italy (493). 
The Angles and Saxons began ruling Britain (450).

Saint Patrick lived from 340 to 440, in what is modern day Northern Ireland.
 Augustine, a monk, was sent from Rome to preach to the Angles, and he later became the first Archbishop of Canterbury. 
 In 795, the Vikings invaded the Ireland and for the next 40 years raided and destroyed monasteries. By 840, they began to settle, and mixed with the Irish people, adopting many of their customs. In 1170 Norman nobles invaded, seizing Irish lands. 
Henry II, king of England proclaimed himself overlord of Ireland. 

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