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Garden Mural Project, Lesson 5: Insects/Helpful and Harmful Insects

Insects/Helpful and Harmful Insects

Day One: Learn about the damage that insects can do.  Loosen some of the tape that held the flowers on the mural, to make them "wilt" to represent the damage that aphids can do.

Day Two: Learn about helpful insects. Make paper ladybugs to eat the aphids. Fold a round shaped piece of paper in half and put dots of black paint on one half. Fold over again and the identical spots will appear on the other side. Discuss symmetry.

Day Three: On this week's nature walk, look for ladybugs and aphids (you may want to use the guidelines from the Handbook of Nature Study blog's Outdoor Hour Challenge #26.)

Day 4: Discuss and have your student make one list telling how insects are helpful and another telling how they are harmful.

Day 5: Read about beetles, flies and true bugs and discuss what is learned. (Exploring Creation with Zoology I, by Jeannie Fulbright, chapter 12 is one such resource, or you may find books at the library.) 

Day 6: On the next nature walk, take along a picnic to enjoy (see the guidelines Handbook of Nature Study's Outdoor Hour Challenge #10:Picnic.)  Discuss about which insects they see are harmful to the picnic. See if your student can find a beetle, fly or true bug on the nature walk.

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