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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Civil War, part 2: 1861


part II: When Abraham Lincoln was a Boy in Indiana

Kingfisher,  pgs 322-329

Monday: Timeline

Noah Webster
Monroe Doctrine
Simon Bolivar
John Adams
Harriet Beecher Stowe
John James Audubon
Washington Irving
Benito Juarez
Charles Dickens
Charles Darwin
William  Gladstone
David Livingston
George Stephenson
Naosuke II
Lion Hong Zhang

Field Trip

Manassas /Bull Run National Battlefield, Virginia

Tuesday: Telegraph Office

Research and include at least 3 supporting details for these headlines in the form of a Telegram.
Seven Southern states secede from the Union.
Jefferson Davis is the new president of CSA.
Abe Lincoln inaugurated 16th president.
Rebels shell Fort Sumter!
President Lincoln calls for 75,000 volunteers.
Robert E.Lee turns down Union Command
First casualties of war are in Baltimore riots.
Richmond, Virginia becomes new CSA capital.
A hero's death helps Union to secure Alexandria.
Confederates feast on Union civilian lunches after victory at Bull Run.
First income tax in US history levied in North.
Wilson Creek battle extends war in the west.
McClellan is new army chief.

Wednesday: Research

Write an in-depth analysis of your state during the war. What was this state's position and what was the war's impact on it?

Begin work on Presentations project. You may pick one from this list or come up with your own project.

Thursday: Photography

Research Mathew Brady or Alexander Gardner to find examples of Civil War photography. Then, using the style of 19th century photographers, create your own Civil War pictures by staging scenes or posing soldiers that you photograph with your own camera.

Friday: Hands-On History: Marching and Drilling

This needs to be done with a group of students,  but the group doesn't have to be that large. I have done it with three students before. It is a great activity to do in a co-op.
Organize students into two lined with each line 13 inches apart from the row in front of them. Students in each line should be touching shoulders of the persons to the left and right.
The teacher yells,"Company,  attention! "
Students are to stand straight,  facing forward, heels together and the rest of their feet at a 4-5 degree angle. Their arms are to be relaxed with  the pinky of each hand angling their jacket hem. Their head and shoulders are back and facing straight ahead. If they have a weapon,  it is resting at their sides, holding it between their thumb and forefinger along the tight side with the butt resting next to their right foot.

Teacher yells, "Company,  in place, rest!"
Students keep their left foot in place and slide their right foot behind their left in order to form a T. They hold their hands in front, left, over right, relaxed.

Teacher can now roll call soldiers,  if desired. Students respond with "Here, Sir!"

Teacher commands, "Right, face."
Students, two at a time, turn right, the second set, stepping into the space left by the first set.

Teacher yells, "Front" and students move back in previous formation.

Teacher yells, "Forward,  march!" Students step out with their left feet. Teacher keeps rhythm with, "Left, right, left right..."

When marching with a weapon,  teacher should first give the command, "Shoulder, arms!" Students should hold the weapon off the ground with their index and middle finger under the trigger guard. At the command,  "Right shoulder shift, arms," and students should  bring their weapons up to their right shoulder and carry it flat against the shoulder,  holding the rifle under the bottom with their right hand.

When the students are to halt on the march, the command to slide the weapon back to the ground is, "Order, arms!"

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