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Medieval History in Action: The Second Crusade

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In 1144 a combined Arab and Turkish army did rise up and attack and capture the city of Edessa.

The Pope reacted by ordering France to preach a second crusade to take Edessa back and return its control to the Christians.
The young king of France, Louis VII, agreed to go, along with queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. So did the Holy Roman Emperor of Germany.

But this second crusade was a failure.  The kings and queens went home defeated. Despite this defeat,however, the Crusaders still retained control of many cities in the Middle east and Jerusalem.

In the 1187 the Arabs new and strong leader, Saladin, wiped out the crusaders main army at the Battle of Hattin. Soon the crusaders had almost been pushed into the sea.

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  1. I recognize that map I think. I love the figures you used! Sadly we did not do much with the Crusades last year, and I really wish we had.

  2. I love this! I just love the way and Ticia use toys to demonstrate the learning. This is a brilliant lesson!


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