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Medieval History in Action: The First Crusade

For our study of the Crusades, we decided to research each one of the Crusades. The boys went on Angelfire to get their information and they answered the questions there in their notebooks, along with completing a map. The First Crusaders had a very difficult journey getting to the Middle East.
Quentin used each figure to represent 10, 000 soldiers.

There were about 30, 000 foot soldiers and 10, 000 knights on horseback. They could not use boats to get to the Middle East because they did not control the ports on the coast of the Middle East.
They traveled from France through Italy, then Eastern Europe and then through what is now Turkey. They traveled hundreds of miles through scorching heat and deep snow in the mountain passes.
The first fortress they attacked was in the city of Nicea, which was taken by the Crusadesr without too much trouble. 

The next target was Antioch, a strongly protected Turkish city. It took seven months before the city fell. 
The next target was Jerusalem. The attack and capture of Jerusalem was at first not successful, but once logs arrived, they were able to build siege engines and took control of the city.
They held this city for the next 87 years.

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  1. I love that he thought through troop numbers for how many soldiers he used.


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